Donna Chan
I'm a vulnerable performer, whole-hearted storyteller, and overall supremely passionate human being. Occasionally, I'm a brush pen artist.
I'm currently on a journey toward
finding, speaking and sharing my truth.
To this end, I'm exploring spoken word and bodily movement in the context of solo performance, a space where I can write and perform my own stories around the delicious squishiness of identity, womanhood, and race.
Sunday, June 3rd
Solo Performance @ Stage Werx Theater, SF
In trying to process personal and societal trauma, I'll be exploring anger and sorrow - emotions that I don't think we talk about enough, especially for women.
This 15-minute piece is an exploration into one of the crappiest years of my life in contrast to the incomparable struggles of my badass-immigrant-warrior-goddess of a mother. I weave in and between layers of sexism, identity and race, as well as cultural and generational differences - all with smatterings of humor. I wrote and performed this piece during a bout of depression (yay for high-functioning depression!). At the beginning of this process, I felt aimless and emotionally constipated but once my mother's stories popped into my head, the words practically hurled themselves onto the page (while I was eating at a Korean restaurant - which quickly became eating and sobbing and writing :D) and I didn't stop writing and refining until the morning of the show.
My friends Christina and Albert hosted an online release party for their new, deeply reflective zines and invited myself and Jessie, another wonderful artist, as guest performers. Check out the details of this event and these brilliant people here. I performed two spoken word pieces. The first is an experiment in synthesizing the incredible pain of women and POC around the ongoing dumpster fire of 2017. The second came right as I was reawakening my creative self and I think ultimately speaks to some form of creative ambition. The pieces are really different in tone and content, but both practically wrote themselves; I wrote them at the height of their respective emotions.
Visual Art
I love the ritual and sharing of tea. I once went to Guatemala on a whim. It was heart-changing. In previous lives, I was a bioengineer, data analyst, and breast cancer researcher. I care deeply about gender and racial issues (if you haven't noticed). Now make the pineapple shimmy:
During the Crappiest Year of My Life™, three amazing friends held space for me and showed me what true friendship can be. They are also phenomenal artists; please help me pay it forward by checking out their brilliant, heart-moving work and showing them some love: Ahran, visual artist Christina, essayist & comic artist Jennifer, writer & poetess
Let's chat, I'd love to hear from you:
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